Readings at Jan 8, 2012

Testing Redux  by Vivek Halder

Comment: I second Vivek,  in a large scale project, having no testing is a project-killing act.  One factor to consider: in real-life, the mythical 100X productive programmer are rarely seen.   Even then, these programmers can make a mistake or two.   Therefore, not having any automatic testing  for a group is a very bad thing. 
On the other, should an individual programmer always follow automatic testing?   Yes and no.  Yes in the sense you should always write a test for your program.  No in the sense that you shouldn't believe testing will make your program automatically correct.   
Comment: very well said.  I hope this more hours = more work done crap can end soon. 
Todon't by Jeff Atwood
Comment: I like todo list alot but sometimes it takes me a while to organize them.  They also grow very quickly.  A good suggestions here is that not only you should add to your list, you should always change priorities.  One of the purposes of todo is to record your life but it has nothing to do with how you move forward with your life. 

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