Readings for Jan 14, 2013

Approximation relating lg, ln, and log10 by John Cook
Digits in Power of 2 by John Cook
Rise and Fall of Third Normal Form by John Cook
The Crown Game Affair : Fascinating account on how cheating in chess was detected and caught.
Introduction to Conditional Random Field : Eerily similar to HMM, that's perhaps why there was many "cute" ideas published on it in the past.
Stuff Harvard People Like by Ed Checn: Entertaining post.  I do know some people from MIT and the study fits to the stereotype I recognize.   For Harvard, not as much,  some are really mellow fellows.   Also, not every one in a school is savvy in computers.   So the samples Ed Chen collected may or may not be representative. (To his credit, he named all his assumptions in his post.)


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