Translation of "Looking forward (only 263 weeks left)"

As requested by Pranav, a good friend of Sphinx, I translated one of article "Looking forward (only 263 weeks left)" from my Chinese blog "333 weeks" (original). So here it is, enjoy!

"April was a long long month.

I spent most of my time on solving technical problems.  With great help of colleagues, we finally got all issues resolved.  I also start to put some time into new tasks.  The Boston Marathon Explosion was tough for everyone, but we kind of having closure now.  As for investment, mine is in pace with S&P.  The weather is also getting better.  Do we finally feel spring again?

I think the interesting part in April is that I spent more time in writing, may it be blogging, articles.  I wrote quite a bit even when I was busy.  I mentioned the Selection of Cumulomaniac.  At this
stage, I am copyediting and proofreading the drafts.  It's a good thing to write and blog as I love to connect with the like-minds."


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