AIDL - The Biggest Facebook Group on Deep Learning

Just a moment I want to share:

Some of you told me that AIDL is the largest Facebook group on deep learning. The truth is, in terms of members, *not until tonight*. As of this moment though, we are the biggest group which has the keyword "deep learning" in it. Of course, join rate would change and no one can forbid "Get Rich Quick! Connect 100k Members!" would change their name..... But as of this moment, we are indeed the biggest deep learning group on Facebook. How about that? 🙂

I want to thank Waikit Lau, "da man"! And of course, all of you who participate in this forum. If you find that you learn something useful in the group, share it with your friends, subscribe our tied-in newsletter at and youtube channel (see pinned post).

Most importantly, spread the technology so that more people are aware of advances in AI/ML/DL.

Any case, good luck, may Hinton bless you all!

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