What are we up to in these days?

Well. couple of nasty issues in legacy Sphinx 3:
1, Putting Sphinx 3 to be used by some applications: first to put it work with the Galaxy/Communicator framework (David Huggins-Daines is behind that), then put it to work with the speech component we will contribute to the CALO Project (Yitao Sun is behind that.) A lot of check-ins are based on that.

2, For me, I was trying to make Sphinx 3 and CMU-Cambridge LM toolkit to work with vocabulary more than 65536 words. (The new limit is around 4 billion) The Sphinx 3's work is completed. The CMU-Cambridge LM toolkit requires me to essentially upgrade it.

You will ask, are there still any work on CMU-Cambridge LM Toolkit V2?
This is my answer, if you want something to happen, you just need to go forward to change it. This is true in Sphinx 3 and this is also true in CMU-Cambridge LM Toolkit V2. I have gathered code from Dave, Prof Yannick Esteve and couple of contributers. I definitely think some kind of alpha release will be there in May and June time frame.

Let us see how it goes. πŸ™‚


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