Sphinx4 from a C background : Installation of Eclipse

That's another baby step but I guess Eclipse installation is much less painful these days.

When I used Eclipse back in 2008, it was rather difficult to download and install.   Part of the reason is that the software house I worked with didn't have a strong culture of documentation.

Downloading Eclipse Juno for Java Developer was pretty easy.  My next step is to incorporate Sphinx 4 directory and do a compilation.


2 thoughts on “Sphinx4 from a C background : Installation of Eclipse”

  1. Hi Artuhr,

    If you could give some more details, like a s4-for-dummies tutorial on how you went about various steps, it will certainly be more helpful! For example, how did you organize the directory structure, from where did you download something, which commands did you use etc ..

    Just a suggestion!

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