After the 50th Post, some vision on the Grand Janitor's Blog

I tried to gather some topic ideas on this blog.   From LinkedIn, I hear quite a bit of feedbacks on discussion about decoding algorithms.    I have thought about this a bit.   Here are some sample topics which I will discuss,

  • How to setup Recognizer X on a Platform Y? 
  • What are the interesting properties of Program A in speech recognition package B? 
  • What are the best practice when you try to use a certain model training package? 
  • Tuning results in a domain. 
  • News: certain package has a new version coming out! What are something special? 
  • Thoughts in speech recognition problem.
  • Thoughts in programming problem.
  • Algorithms/Data structures for decoding/parameter estimation : like you suggested in this post. 
  • What is an interesting development direction for a speech recognition package?
  • Others: softwares/algorithm in some related fields such as NLP, MT. 

Of course, I will keep on chatting about some on-going components of Sphinx which I feel interested,

  1. Sphinx 4 maintenance and refactoring
  2. PocketSphinx's maintenance
  3. An HTKbook-like documentation : i.e. Hieroglyphs. 
  4. Regression tests on all tools in SphinxTrain.
  5. In general, modernization of Sphinx software, such as using WFST-based approach.
Unlike academic journals, I hope this is more an informal hub of ASR information.   I don't know if I can keep on. but at least that's what I am going to try. 
In any case, this blog will occupy much of my spare time next year.   Feel free to comments and give me suggestions.  And of course ....... Happy New Year!


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