Friday Speech-related Links

Future Windows Phone speech recognition revealed in leaked video

Whether you like Softie, they are innovative in speech recognition in these few years.  I am looking forward for their integration of DBN in many of their products.

German Language Learning Startup Babbel Buys Disrupt Finalist PlaySay To Target The U.S. Market

Not exactly in ASR but language learning has been a main stay.  Look at EnglishCentral, they have been around and kicking well.

HMM with scipy-learn

When I first learned HMM, I was always hoping to use a scripting language to train the simplest HMM.  scipy-learn is one such software.

Google Keep

Voice memo is a huge market.  But mobile continus speech recognition is a very challenging task.  Yet, with Google technology, I think it should be better than its competitor, Evernote.


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