Thursday Links (FuzzBuzz programming, Samsung, Amazon and more)


Placebo Surgery : Still think acupuncture is a thing?

Expertise, the Death of Fun, and What to Do About It by James Hague

Indeed, it got hard to learn.  My two cents: always keep notes on your work.  See every mistakes as an opportunity to learn.   And always learn new things, never stop.

FizzBuzz programming (2007)

It's sad that it is true.

Technology in general:

Samsung smartwatch product

I still look for the Apple's product more.   I guess I was there when iPhone came out, it's rather hard to not say Samsung plagiarize.......

The Economics of Amazon Prime (link)

When I go to Amazon, using Prime has indeed became an option,  especially for the thousand ebook which cause less than $2.99.   Buying ten of them is very close to the monthly subscription fee of Amazon Prime.

Starbucks and Square don't seem to "mix" well (link)

Other newsworthy:

As Crop Prices Surge, Investment Firms and Farmers Vie for Land

Crop has reversed its course,  if you are interested in restaurants business (like me), this has a huge impact of the whole food chain.

The many failures of the personal finance industry

Many geeky friends of mine are not making good sense in personal finance.  This is a good link to understand the industry.


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