Thursday Speech-related Readings

Speech Recognition Stumbles at Leeds Hospital

I wonder who the vendor is.

Google Peanut Gallery (Slate)

Interesting showcase again.  Google always has pretty impressive speech technology.

Where Siri Has Trouble Hearing, a Crowd of Humans Could Help

Combining fragments of recognition a rather interesting idea though it's probably not new.  I am glad it is taking off though.

Google Buys Neural Net Startup, Boosting Its Speech Recognition, Computer Vision Chops

This is huge.  Once again, it says something about the power of DNN approach. It is probably the real focus in the next 5 years.

Duolingo Adds Offline Mode And Speech Recognition To Its Mobile App

I always wonder how the algorithm works.  Confidence-based algorithm of verification has always been tough to get it work.  But then again, the whole deal of reCAPTCHA is really try to differentiate between human and machines.  So it's probably not as complicated than I thought.

Some notes on DNS 12: link

The whole sentence mode is the more interesting part.  Does it make users more frustrated though? I am curious.


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