Tuesday's Links (Meetings and more)


Is Depression Really Biochemical (AssertTrue)

Meetings are Mutexes (Vivek Haldar)

So True.  It doesn't count all the time you use to prepare a meeting.

Exhaustive Testing is Not a Proof of Correctness

True, but hey.  Writing regression tests is never a bad thing. If you rely only on your brain on testing, it bounds to fail one way or the other.

Apple :

Apple's iPhone 5 debuts on T-Mobile April 12 with $99 upfront payment plan
iWatchHumor (DogHouseDiaries)


Yahoo The Marissa Mayer Turnaround

Out of all commentaries on Marissa Mayer's realm.  I think Jean-Louis Gassée goes straight to the point and I agree most.   You cannot use a one size fit all policy.  So WFH is not always appropriate as well.


The Management-free Organization

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