My Volunteer Work at MGH

Couple of years ago,  I was having a beer with my neighbor Catherine and Mark.   We start to talk about what we do at work. I tried to brag about my background on speech recognition..... but it turns out both Catherine and Mark are impressive power couple in neuroscience: Catherine is a MD at MGH, specialized on pediatric. epilepsy, neurophysiology.  Mark is Prof. Kramer at BU, focused on computational neuroscience.   Since then, I beg them to teach me the basics about human brains, and they were very kind to share their knowledge, and later I become a volunteer researcher at MGH.

We end up doing a project together.  In layman term, I chip on helping them evaluate couple of signal detector.  The signal is relevant to epilepsy .   Catherine and Mark were kind enough to include me in their publication at Journal of Neuroscience Method.  Their methods end-up improving the speed of previous method, and combined with localization technique, such advance will help provide a cure to epilepsy patients, especially children.

Currently the method is still human-assisted, perhaps the next step is to use ML method to improve the system.   Hopefully,  I can help more in the future.


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