List of Neuroscience MOOCs

I always have side interest in neuroscience.  So here's just a note to myself, I am taking Coursera's Computational Neuroscience for fun.   This is the second time I loop through the course with more understanding on neural networks, and it feels like a completely different class.  The others are just my casual interest - one day I will go through them one by one.

Just a disclaimer: unlike my Top-5 List in deep learning,  I only have amateurish understanding of computer neuroscience.   I also only cursory experience of each of these classes. This might change when I finish a significant portion of them (definition: 50%+).  But for now, caveat emptor!

Computational Neuroscience:



Measurement and BCI

Medical Neuroscience/Neruology

Behavioral Neuroscience

Other Biophysics/Biomedical Engineering-Related

Cognitive Neuroscience


  1. Coursera's Neuroeconomics
  2. Coursera's Neuromarketing

Other Interesting Sources of Information: OpenCulture.


(Edit at 20170524) Categorize almost all classes into sub-categories.  Not entirely sure I am right.  But on the computational neuroscience ("theoretical") side, things look clear enough.
(Edit at 20170522) Finished UW's Comp N. Sci.  Changed the ranking so that Synapses, Neuron and Brain got a higher ranking.
(Edit at 20170501) Made another 4 classes under the category of "Neurobiology".
(Edit at 20170427) Create 5 classes which under the umbrella of "Computational Neuroscience".  For the most part they are more quantitative than the other classes.


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  1. I do have interest in Neuroscience, thanks for the list. I think resources you've mentioned should also get enlisted to this existing awesome-neuroscience repository. []

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