Tips for Completing Course 1 of

For people who got stuck in Course 1. Here are some tips:

  • Most assignments are straight-forward. And you can finish it within 30 mins. The key is not to overthink it. If you want to derive the equations yourself, you are not reading the question carefully.
  • When in doubt, the best tool to help you is the python print statement. Check out the size and shape of a python numpy matrix always give you insights.
  • I know a lot of reviewers claim that the exercise is supposed to teach you neural network "from scratch". So .... it depends on what you mean. Ng's assignment has bells and whistles built for you. You are really doing these out of nothing. If you write everything from C and has no reference. Yeah, then it is much harder. But that's not Ng's exercise. Once again, this goes back to the point of the assignment being straight-forward. No need to overthink them.

Hope this helps!

Arthur Chan

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