How to Think of A New Idea in A.I.?

Rephrase:  How to come up with an idea in A.I. or Machine Learning?

1, What other people are doing and is it possible to make a twist about it?

2, What is a problem which *you* want to solve in your life. Then think, is there anyway AI/ML can help you? Everyone has some - e.g. I really like to make a the old-style Nintendo Final Fantasy style game. But then drawing the graphics of bitmap character takes insanely amount of time. So is there any way A.I. can help me? Yes, one potential idea is to create an image generator.

Would these ideas work? Who knows? But that's how you come up with ideas. You ignore the feasibility part for the moment. If you feel it is really hard for you to come up with ideas, chances are you are too caught up with the technical field. Read some books, listen to music, make some art and daydream a bit. Then ideas will come.


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