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Thoughts From Your Humble Curators

When Waikit Lau and I (Arthur Chan) started the Facebook Group Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Group (AIDL) last April. We have no idea it would become a group with 9000+ members, and still growing fast. (We added 1k members in last 7 days alone)

We suspect this is just the beginning of the long curvy road of a new layer of intelligence that can be applied everywhere. The question is how do we start? That was the first thing we realized back in late 2015: facing literally ten thousands of links, tutorials etc., it was like drinking from a firehose and we had a hard time to pick up the gems.

We decided to start our little AIDL group to see if we could get a community to help makes sense of the velocity of information. In less than one year, AIDL become the most active A.I. and deep learning group on Facebook. We hope to summarize, analyze, educate and disseminate and I think we have done a good job so far. This resulted in conversations flourishing in the group. We strived to have discussions one level deeper than others. For example, forum members including us fact check several pieces of news related to deep learning. This gives us a better edge in the rapidly changing field of A.I.

This newsletter follows exactly the same philosophy as our forum. We hope to summarize, analyze, educate and disseminate. We will keep an eye on the latest and most salient developments and present them in a coherent fashion to your mailbox.

We sincerely hope that AIDL will be helpful to your career or studies. Please share our newsletter here with your friends. Also check out our Youtube channel at here.


Your Humble Curators, Arthur and Waikit

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