AIDL Weekly #20: Did DeepMind Fail to Comply Data Protection Law?

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly - Issue 20
Issue 20  


Patient Privacy and DeepMind - Thoughts from Your Humble Curators

It's summer! One of us is on vacation, so we have a shorter issue in terms of items (only 8). Yet, there are two long articles. The first is our investigation on the matter of whether DeepMind and Royal Free have violated patient privacy. We will examine both reports from the Independent Commissioner as well as DeepMind's Independent Review Panel.

The second is a closer look of the growth of Skills on Amazon Alexa. Why are they growing so quickly? Are they real? We will dig into Amazon's current and July's promotion strategy to understand it more.

Other than the two pieces on DeepMind and Amazon, we also cover 5 blog pages with topics ranged from Kaggle's Adversarial Attack Challenges to Spectrum's piece of "Brain as a Computer".

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