Thoughts from Your Humble Administrators - Jan 15

I (Arthur) have been traveling, but there are several newsworthy events:

  • How should we view Microsoft acquires Maluuba?  (First brought up by Zubair Ahmed) My speculation is that MS is trying to tackle unresolved issue in both QA and reading comprehension.  Maluuba recently open their newsQA dataset.  The Goal Oriented dialogue dataset also sounds fairly interesting.
  • For the most part though, Maluuba, just like DeepMind and MetaMind, are "research startup".   They generate no bookings. Thus you may think big companies are trying snatch 1) the research, 2) the researcher in these kind of startups.   The rest, perhaps is really hype......
  • There are two pieces of news on deep-learning-based poker bot, one from University of Alberta (DeepStack), one from CMU (CMU new, the Verge).  CMU's Libratus is cleaning up the Pros. With a crushing difference of earnings, collecting $81,716 to the humans $7,228.    Libratus' detail is out of reach, but DeepStack method is quite similar to AlphaGo, a DNN is built as the approximation function.
  • Several interesting resources this week:
  • Finally, perhaps the most interesting event within our group: Waikit Lau and me are going to hold an online session.  So far, AIDLers seems to be very interesting.  (The response is overwhelming. 🙂 )  We will disclose more detail in the next week or so.

Must read: Times interview with Andrew Ng

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