AIDL Postings Relevant to "Threats from AGI" and Other Misc. Thoughts

Thoughts from your Humble Administrators @Aug 8, 2018 (tl;dr)
Last week is crazy - talks about FB killing AI agents which invent a language were all over the place. I believe AIDL Weekly scooped this time - we fact-checked such claims back in #18, then again #23. Of course, anyone who works on the AI/DL/ML business would instantly smell rats when hearing the term "killing" an AI agents. Then there are 30+ outlets are talking about it, none of which are directly from practicing researchers, that's a point you should start to doubt rationally.
Saying so there are many people who come to me and passionately argue that threat of AGI is a thing *now*. And we should just talk about it to avoid future humanity issues. Since I am an Acting Admin of the group, I think it's important to let you know my take.
* First of all, as long as your post is about A.I., we will keep your post regardless of your view. But we would still ask you to post brain-related topic at CNAGI, and automation-related posts are OoT. Remember, automation is a superset of A.I., and automation can mean large machinery, writing a for-loop, using Excel macros etc. Also if you are too spammy, it's also likely we would curb your posts.
* Then there is your posting - I will not judge you, but I strongly suggest you just run some deep/machine learning training yourself - for the most part, these "agents" are Unix/Windows processes these days. Btw, just like Mundher Alshabi and I discuss - you can always kill the process. (Unix: 'kill -9', Windows: Open "Control Panel"........)
* Some insist that they *don't need any experience* to reason that machines are malicious. Again, I will not judge you. But you should understand that it's much harder to consider your opinion seriously. Read up serious work then. Bostrom's Superintelligence is harder to counter, Kurzweil's LOAR is an interesting economic theory, but his predictions in AI/ML is just too lousy to take seriously for pros.......
* Some also insist that because a certain famous person says that, then it must be the true. Again, I will not judge you. Though, be careful, "argue from authority" is a dangerous way to reason.
* Finally, I hope all of you read up what "Dunning-Krueger effect" is. Basically it is a dangerous cognitive bias, but not until you reflect deeply about intelligence, human or machine, then you would understand all of us are affected by such bias.
Good Luck! And keep enjoying AIDL!
Arthur Chan

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