AIDL Weekly #16 - Apple Neural Engine, Neuromorphics and AlphaGo's Retirement



Last week we learned that AlphaGo retired after her glorious career: beating the best human Go player and a team of 5 top players in the world. We include 4 pieces in this issue just to wrap up the event.

None of these should be surprising to AIDL readers though. As we have predicted in Issue 15:

Go joins the pantheon of games like Chess, where computers have proven to be better than humans. As with Chess, research funding will move from Go to some other more complex A.I.-vs-human research projects.

It still leave us a question: what is the meaning of researching AlphaGo? We believe Dr. Andrej Karpathy gives a very good answer - he believes that AlphaGo's research only solve a very narrow sense of AI. Unless we are talking about yet another computer game, it's rather hard for AlphaGo's research to transfer. Take a look of the Blog section to see Dr. K's article.

We also heard about all about new chips last week, Apple Neural Engine and ARM new processor. So that's why we also include the Bloomberg piece on Apple Neural Engine. On the same vein, you may heard neuromorphics which purportedly used spiking neural networks, are they real? And are they getting better than the vanilla deep learning chips such as TPU. We include two pieces to analyze the matter.

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