AIDL Weekly Issue #17 - Andrew Ng's First Interview After Baidu, and More


The Organic Growth of AI - Thoughts From Your Humble Curators

The Last two months have been very eventful - GTC, F8 and Google I/O. We have AlphaGo vs the best human player. This week is a bit slower. We see Apple come up with the Core ML - this is Apple playing catch up to Google but could very well be very impactful long-term given Apple's culture of tight integration and iOS market size and position.

Some multi-threaded happenings this past week:

  • On celebrity in the field: We saw the first interview of Prof. Andrew Ng after he left Baidu, giving yet another interesting and inspiring interview with Forbes
  • On infrastructure: There is Kaggle hitting 1 million developers, and Coursera is getting its series D. Both are training grounds of budding machine learning researchers/engineers.
  • On new techniques: Facebook is able to train a Resnet-50 in one hour (Wow!) DeepMind also comes up with a technique in relationship modeling which improves around absolute ~30% accuracy. The common thread of both research is that the techniques themselves are surprisingly simple.
  • On our AIDL Facebook group: We have seen record sign ups in recent weeks. Just last week, we added ~1800 members, and it's continuing apace. We should be hitting 30K members in the not too distant future.

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An announcement here - one of us (Arthur) is having a vacation, so no press for AIDL Weekly next Friday, we will resume Issue #18 at Jun 23.

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Member's Question

Udacity DL class vs Hinton's ?

AIDL Member Fru Nck asked (rephrase): Can you tell me more about the Hinton's Coursera class vs the Google's Udacity class on deep learning?

Here are couple of great answers from other members:

By Karan Desai: "Former focuses more on theory while latter gets you through Tensorflow implementations better, keeping the concepts a little superficial. In my opinion both courses were made to serve different purposes so there isn't a direct comparison. Meanwhile you can refer to Arthur's blog."

By Aras Dar: "I took them both. For the beginners, I highly recommend Udacity and after Udacity, you understand Hinton's course much better. Hinton's course is more advanced and Udacity course is built for beginners. Hope this helps!"

Afterthought from me: I didn't quite take the Udacity class. But by reputation, it is more a practical class with many examples. If you only take Ng's, Hinton class is going to confuse you. In fact it confuses many PhDs I know. So go for the Udacity class and few others first before you dive into Hinton's.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly


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