AIDL Weekly Issue #18 - Andrej Karpathy, Prof. Bengio's MS Advisory and The Goldberg Debate

Issue 18  


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We took a short break last week, but so many happenings in our little world of AI/DL! Dr. K being hired by Tesla is certainly huge to us. So is Prof. Bengio advising Microsoft. We also follow closely the Yoav Goldberg's debate, which happens around 10 days ago. Why the interest? Because Goldberg's Debate would make you ask deep questions about our field(s), such as is NLP really solved by deep learning? Should we use arxiv as the publication platform? Does deep learning really live up to its hype on every field? We present a fairly extensive list of viewpoints in our blurb.

On technical news, we are loving "One Model to Learn Them all" (branded as "MultiModel"), which is perhaps the first model which can learn from varieties of modalities including speech, image and text. If you are into computer vision, the late Tensorflow object detection API would also keep you entertained.

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