AIDL Weekly #22 - Apple New ML Blog, Elon Musk The Alarmist, and Hassabis' View on AI+Neuroscience


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What a week! Apple just started a new machine learning blog; Audi is going to sell the first self-driving car with L3 autonomy; Elon Musk is telling us (again) that AI is an imminent danger. Would Apple's new blog clash with its secrecy culture? How real is Audi's L3 Autonomy? Should we care about Musk's alarmist view? We will find out more in this issue. We also cover results from the last Imagenet, Verge's interview with Hassabis, François Chollet's view on deep learning and more.

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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly


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There are many interesting blog post published last week from major research sites. Here are some for your enjoyment:




Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly

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