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This week we look at the argument between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Which one of the two billionaires is more right? (Or less wrong?) We will find out.

We also heard some disturbing news from popular outlets again - this time, Facebook kills its A.I agent s which create its own language! Is it true? In our fact-checking section, we will look at the claim closely.

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Fact-Checking : "Facebook kills AI that invented its own language......"

You know that news can develop, but do you know faked news can also "develop"? Interesting huh?

It happens. For example, in Issue 19, we fact-checked if the rumor "Facebook AI Created Its Own Unique Language" is true. We rate it False. And to recap, FAIR researchers were more evolving two agents which was first trained in English. So the resulting language is again English. And if you really think that AI is inventing its own language, then you are equating colloquialism as a language.

That's what we said in Issue 19, what happened since then? Oh well, faked news always have legs by itself. Some good people (perhaps a bit gullible) from popular outlet, once again think that FB created an AI which created its language. This time imagination make the good people always think that FB "kills" the A.I.

So this is a simple one: we rate this piece false, as there was no AI creating a language, thus saying FB "kills" such AI is non-sensical.

(Follow Up at 20170729: We are contacting several researchers from Facebook to understand the matter better. We will keep you all posted on the latest".)

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly

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