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Happy Summer (for those in the Northern Hemi anyway)! We were off last week and the past few weeks have proved very eventful. So we have lots of material for you in this issue.

The biggest headline is we finally know what is. We took a quick look at the curriculum. For example, what does the course covers, is it worthwhile to take? How does it compare to other similar on-line classes? Such as Hinton NNML, cs231n and cs224n? We wrote a long and detail piece for you this issue.

Then perhaps now an old (fake) news, you might have heard the claim "Facebook kills AI agents which create its own language." We looked into this in Issue 18 and 23. Since then, Gizmodo has debunked it, Snope has debunked it, and even Facebook researchers came out to clarify what it was all about. So it became a much bigger deal than your normal fake news. Since The Weekly is one of the earliest one to debunk the claim, we present our own take on the matter below.

Other than and our fact-checking, we have 9 more items including some cool topics like audio super-resolution, DeepMind/Blizzard Starcraft API+Database. Shallow network can work as well as a deep one, so we link to a paper on that too!

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