AIDL Weekly Issue 29 - A Sobering Look at IBM Watson, Google in Beijing and Amazon in Barcelona,


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Summer is gone, and AI/DL development is heating up again. You heard that Google is building a new team in Beijing, and Amazon is having a new R&D center in Barcelona? The internationalization of A.I., partly due to talent scarcity, will continue to be a theme.

In other news, StatNews investigates whether IBM Watson is fulfilling is promise in the domain of cancer care. Watson's challenges in healthcare do reflect in some ways the same challenges in the more general deep learning community. So this article should be interesting for you all.

We also cover interesting technical topics such as Uber's Michaelangelo and PassGAN in our blog and paper sections. So check it out!

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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly

Meme of The Week

Courtesy from Nikolay Pavlov from Ukrainian AI Community.

(Yeah.... We know that there should be activation functions. And all the weight should be indexed in terms of layers. But hey, it's still funny.)

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