Weekly Issue 27 - Origin Story of Prof. Andrew Ng, Backdoored ANN and Superconvergence


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Our main piece this week is about Prof. Andrew Ng, on his earlier work on machine learning and why he decided to teach ML to the public. We also take a closer look at the secret sauce of Waymo's SDC development: their Texas campus and their simulation facilities.

Other than that, we have links on six blog posts and three papers. They are mostly technical topics - leisure reading for the last week in the Summer. Perhaps what caught our eyes is the idea of backdoored neural network and superconvergence. The former is a new form of attack on DNN from the a malicious model preparer. The latter promises 10x training speed for a class of loss functions.

Finally, if you want to take the deeplearning.ai class, AIDL now has a new satellite group just for you!

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