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January 2013 Write-up

Miraculously, I still have some momentum for this blog and I have kept on the daily posting schedule.

Here is a write up for this month:  Feel free to look at this post on how I plan to write this blog:

Some Vision of the Grand Janitor's Blog

Sphinx' Tutorials and Commentaries

SphinxTrain1.07's bw:

Commentary on SphinxTrain1.07's bw (Part I)
Commentary on SphinxTrain1.07's bw (Part II)

Part I describes the high-level layout, Part II and describe half the state network was built.

Acoustic Score and Its Sign
Subword Units and their Occasionally Non-Trivial Meanings

Sphinx 4 from a C background : Material for Learning


Goldman Sachs not Liable
Aaron Swartz......

Other writings:

On Kurzweil : a perspective of an ASR practitioner



Aaron Swartz......

Have been busy lately so I haven't post much.

The only story I think is worthwhile lately is the death of Aaron Swartz.  I am late on the whole event but the Wikipedia page is an amazing source of what's really going on.

You should also watch Lessig's comments at here.

Btw, last time I checked, "Maximum Likelihood from Incomplete Data via the EM algorithm" costs $29. I am glad many wrote great tutorials on EM but not so happy when I couldn't read the original paper.