AIDL Weekly Issue 33 - All About DeepMind - Its Cost, Its Ethic Society and Its Recent Wavenet Launch


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We learnt more about DeepMind last week - we learn the hefty price to run it and its struggle to correct its image since the debacle of DeepMind Health-Royal Free event. But we also learnt that our beloved Wavenet is now in production within Google Assistant, and it's whopping 1000 times faster. This week, we'll cover DeepMind more in-depth.

We also have an issue filled with contents: "Confession of AI researchers" is our favorite link. We answer our member question on how to come up with new AI idea in "Questions from Members". And we dive into an interesting paper: "Unsupervised Hypernym Detection by Distributional Inclusion Vector Embedding" by Haw-Shiuan et al.

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